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         WHO ARE WE ?

We are an unique online seminary which utilizes live web video conferencing to reach across time and space continuums reaching active learners seeking continuing adult education, Rabbinic ordination and/or a Graduate Degree in Jewish Studies.

We offer beginning Hebrew, Torah, Mishna and Talmud classes to lay learners, bringing KLal Yisrael across generations through time and space.

For those seeking rabbinic ordination that have the desire but do not meet the entrance requirements for the Rabbinical School we offer a one year Mechina program which will give the student the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the Rabbinic Ordination program.

The Mechina classes are designed for the student to gain an introductory in depth knowledge of all aspects of Judaism necessary to keep up with the more advanced students with a background in Hebrew language and Jewish Studies.

Rolling Admissions

If you would like further information regarding one of our programs please e-mail us at Include your name and contact information, a brief biography of your Jewish experience and learning, what program you are interested in pursuing.

One of our Seminary professionals will respond within a week of submission.

Rabbinical School Ordination

Admissions to rabbinical school are accepted for classes beginning in the Fall, Spring and Summer.

Requirements for our program

You must have a technologically up to date computer with  internet access, a microphone, speakers and a web cam. Our learning is compatible with windows and Mac platforms

Ordination and degree programs require a Bachelor's Degree. In some instances lifetime experience will be accepted in lieu of a bachelor's degree however; not for Graduate degrees.

In order to be a Chaplain you must have an advanced degree in Jewish Studies, as well as be an ordained Rabbi.